About HaiHai Labs

👋🏻 I'm Gregory Baugues, creator of HaiHai Labs.

I previously served as Director of Developer Relations at Twilio. Since then, I've taken time off to build on, and build with, this new generation of AI powered developer tools. It's the most fun I've had coding since programming on a TRS-80 when I was six years old.

The way I learn best is to build stuff, and then tell stories about what I've built. This site is where I, and a few friends, do the latter.

I enjoy speaking at tech events, making photographs, riding an e-bike, and training jiu jistsu. I'm based in Brooklyn and made in the Midwest.

You can find me @greggyb on X, IG, and lichess, and you can email me at greggyb@haihai.ai.

Photo by John Knox at The Business of Software Conference

This guy, HaiHai, who you see running around the site, was created by Anna Sorokina (not AI!)