HaiHai Adventures

Create multiplayer interactive adventures by email, and CC your friends!

HaiHai Adventures

Growing up, I loved reading Choose Your Own Adventure books.

Today, Large Language Models (LLMs) make it easy for anyone to create their own interactive fiction based on a fragment of an idea.

Try it out! Send an idea for a story to adventures@haihai.ai and HaiHai will craft an piece of interactive fiction with you as the main character. If you want to play with friends, just CC them.

Below are a few story ideas to get you started. Click the link to pre-populate an email, or copy-paste the description into an email to adventures@haihai.ai.

Of course, you could replace any of these descriptions with a story of your own! Experiment with genre, setting, "write in the style of," etc.

Don't forget to CC your friends!

Fantasy Land

This one is inspired by my daughter, Emma.

I go to sleep one night and wake up in a magical land called Fantasy World. I find out that magic is dying. I must learn magic and find the orb of power so that I can save FantasyLand. Write in the style of JK Rowling.

Windy City Whispers

In 1920s Chicago, young journalist dives into the dangerous world of Al Capone after a high-profile murder tied to his speakeasies. As she navigates a maze of corruption, rivalries, and secrets, she finds herself ensnared in a deadly game that could lead her straight to the city's most notorious crime lord. A tale of intrigue and betrayal, where trust is fleeting and danger lurks around every corner. Written in the style of Agatha Christie.

Ensign on the Enterprise

I'm a young ensign on the USS Enterprise. Jean Luc Picard takes me under his wing as an apprentice, and I'm on the bridge as the crew embarks on an adventure.