OpenAI API Keys

Here's how you create API Keys on the OpenAI dashboard.


What are OpenAI API Keys?

OpenAI API keys are authentication tokens that allow access to the various OpenAI API, such as the ChatGPT API. They are required for interaction with the OpenAI API and are only available to developers with an active subscription.

In addition to allowing access, your OpenAI API Keys are used for billing – is how they keep track of how many API requests you used. Keep them safe!

How to save your OpenAI API Key as an environment variable

Check out these best practices from OpenAI:

Best Practices for API Key Safety

OpenAI Authentication Errors

Incorrect API key provided: sk-P0a8a***************************************aXnC. You can find your API key at

This means that your API key is either not set or is set incorrectly. I once got this error because I deleted an API key from the dashboard that was still in use. Best way to fix this error is to create a new key on the console and set it again wherever you set it in your code.

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