After nine years of serving on the Developer Relations teams at Twilio, I'm taking time off to build with all of these new AI-powered devtools. It's the most fun I've had coding since my TRS-80.

Here's some projects I've been working on:

Email as an LLM interface

I believe folks are sleeping on email as an interface for LLMs, and have built a bunch of different LLM powered apps to test this hypothesis. You can try them out at:

  • Adventures in Email - multiplayer interactive fiction, via email.
  • - multiplayer bespoke trivia games, via email.
  • HaiHai PenPals - an experiment in digital companionship. email a description of your ideal penpal to:


An experiment in using LLMs to turn longform video content into viral clips. The workflow is YouTube -> extract the audio -> get a transcript from AssemblyAI -> ask GPT to select interesting quotes -> use timestamps and FFMpeg to create subclips. Super useful for creating clips for social.

Rockland County Info

An experiment in using LLMs to enrich public data. I used Instructor and OpenAI APIs to clean up public data, and to search the web for domains and email addresses for home improvement contractors licensed in Rockland County.

Danielson Ratings

An experiment with Matt Kelley to use LLMs to ease the bureaucratic burden from public servants. Principals send in their classroom observation notes and we use an LLM to write a first draft of a teacher evaluation based on the Danielson Framework, saving public school principals several hours per evaluation.

HaiHai Labs YouTube Channel

At Twilio, I spent a lot of time producing technical content such as, How I Taught My Dog to Text Selfies. I've spent a lot of my time up-leveling my video game, to reach developers with content that entertains, educates, and inspires.