How to Set Environment Variables on Cloudflare Workers

How to set Environment Variables on Cloudflare Workers

  • Go to your console
  • Click Settings
  • Click Variables (under General)
  • Click Edit Variables
  • Click Add a Variable
  • Click Save and Deploy once you've completed the key and value

What are Cloudflare Workers?

Cloudflare Workers is a serverless platform that allows developers to deploy scalable, event-driven applications that run directly on edge servers which results in faster response times and reduced latency. Workers use standard JavaScript code and support popular frameworks like Node.js.

Cloudflare Workers is a pay-as-you-go service with pricing based on usage, enabling developers to scale their applications without worrying about provisioning and managing infrastructure. Additionally, because the Workers run in a distributed network, it provides a measure of resilience to attacks and other security threats.

You can learn more about Cloudflare Environment Variables on their docs.

You can signup for Cloudflare Workers for free.

What are Environment Variables?

Environment variables are key-value pairs used to store sensitive data and configuration settings separately from code. They provide improved security, better portability, and easier maintenance of codebases

A common spot where you'll use Environment Variables is to store API keys. If you hardcode your API keys, it's easy to accidentally commit them to a repo.

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